Sérgio & Odair Assad, Guitar Duo Avi Avital, Mandolin

May 8, 2021

About Sérgio & Odair Assad

A Quest Actors Studio proudly presents the extraordinary musical collaboration of Sérgio & Odair Assad, a renowned guitar duo, alongside the virtuoso Avi Avital on the mandolin. With a shared passion for music and unparalleled expertise, this trio captivates audiences worldwide with their awe-inspiring performances.

Experience Unforgettable Musical Interpretations

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Sérgio & Odair Assad, guitar duo, and Avi Avital, mandolin, as they mesmerize you with their unique interpretations of classical, contemporary, and world music. Their performances create a harmonious blend of melodies, rhythms, and emotions that transcend boundaries and leave a lasting impact on all who witness their artistry.

The Astounding Craftsmanship

Individually acclaimed for their virtuosity, Sérgio & Odair Assad and Avi Avital bring their distinct musical backgrounds and experiences to create a harmonious fusion of sounds. Their performances reveal their extraordinary craftsmanship, showcasing the beauty and versatility of the guitar and mandolin as instruments of profound expression.

Unparalleled Artistic Collaboration

Witness the seamless synergy between Sérgio & Odair Assad and Avi Avital as they unite their musical talents and embark on a mesmerizing artistic journey together. Their collaboration is a testament to the power of shared passion and the boundless creativity that emerges when artists come together to create something extraordinary.

Award-Winning Performances

Sérgio & Odair Assad, guitar duo, and Avi Avital, mandolin, have received numerous accolades and critical acclaim for their exceptional performances. Their artistry has garnered prestigious awards and recognition from the global music community, solidifying their position as trailblazers in the realm of performing arts.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

Experience the magic of Sérgio & Odair Assad, guitar duo, and Avi Avital, mandolin, live at A Quest Actors Studio. Immerse yourself in an evening filled with captivating melodies, unparalleled skill, and breathtaking artistry. Join us as we celebrate the convergence of three musical virtuosos and witness a performance that will leave you spellbound.

Book Your Tickets Today

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the brilliance of Sérgio & Odair Assad, guitar duo, and Avi Avital, mandolin. Book your tickets now to secure your spot at one of the most anticipated and unforgettable musical events of the season. Prepare to be transported to a world of musical excellence and immerse yourself in an experience that will stay with you long after the final notes fade away.

Sandra Magistro
Impressive musical fusion!
Nov 9, 2023