Drawn to the Music Guidelines | The Phil

Oct 7, 2018


Welcome to A Quest Actors Studio, your ultimate destination for all things performing arts. In this page, we present you with comprehensive guidelines for 'Drawn to the Music' - an exceptional journey that combines the captivating power of drawing with the enchanting allure of music.

About 'Drawn to the Music'

'Drawn to the Music' is a groundbreaking initiative offered by A Quest Actors Studio, specifically designed to provide artists and performers a unique platform to showcase their talent. This innovative concept explores how music can inspire visual expression and aims to foster a deeper connection between two captivating art forms.

Unleash Your Creativity

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in this extraordinary artistic experience? 'Drawn to the Music' welcomes artists and performers from all backgrounds to explore the limitless opportunities of combining music and visual arts.

Guidelines for Participation

1. Artistic Concepts

The cornerstone of 'Drawn to the Music' lies in the unique artistic concepts that participants bring to life. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, we encourage you to delve deep into your imagination and create pieces that are inspired by your favorite musical compositions. Feel free to explore different mediums like drawings, paintings, or mixed-media collages.

2. Musical Selection

Select a musical piece that resonates with you on a profound level. Whether it's a classical symphony, a contemporary pop song, or an energetic jazz composition, the choice is entirely yours. Allow the music to guide your artistic journey and serve as the muse behind your visual creation.

3. Artistic Interpretation

'Drawn to the Music' celebrates the diversity of artistic interpretation. We encourage participants to think outside the box and approach their visual representation in a way that uniquely captures their experience of the music. Experiment with colors, lines, shapes, and textures to create a stunning masterpiece that speaks to both the eyes and the soul.

4. Submission Guidelines

Once your artwork is complete, kindly ensure it meets the following submission guidelines:

  • The artwork must be an original creation.
  • The artwork should be visually engaging and reflective of the chosen musical piece.
  • Submit a high-resolution photograph or scanned image of your artwork in a supported digital format.

5. Exhibition and Recognition

A Quest Actors Studio takes pride in honoring the incredible talents of all participants. Selected artworks from 'Drawn to the Music' will have the opportunity to be displayed in an exclusive exhibition, showcasing the power of artistic synergy between music and drawing. This exhibition also serves as a platform to recognize and applaud the exceptional efforts and skills of the participants.

Final Words

Embark on an unforgettable artistic journey with 'Drawn to the Music' at A Quest Actors Studio. Let your passion for performing arts guide your hand and create an incredible fusion of music and visual art. We can't wait to witness the magic you bring to life through your artwork. Get ready to make a name for yourself in the world of performing arts!