Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Supporters

Oct 31, 2021

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Welcome to the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Supporters page, brought to you by A Quest Actors Studio. Our mission is to promote and celebrate the performing arts, and we are proud to be associated with the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company (CSC), a renowned organization dedicated to bringing Shakespeare's works to life.

The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company is a nonprofit theater company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1996, CSC has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for over two decades. The company is known for its annual "Free Shakespeare on the Common" event, providing free open-air performances of Shakespearean plays, attracting thousands of spectators each year.

As a supporter of CSC, A Quest Actors Studio recognizes the importance of preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage embodied in Shakespeare's works. We believe that theater has the power to engage, educate, and entertain, and CSC's commitment to making Shakespeare accessible to all aligns perfectly with our values.

Why Support Commonwealth Shakespeare Company?

There are many reasons to support the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. By supporting CSC, you contribute to:

  • Preserving the legacy of William Shakespeare and his timeless works.
  • Providing free access to high-quality theater performances for the community.
  • Promoting cultural diversity and inclusion in the arts.
  • Supporting local actors, directors, and theater professionals.
  • Creating educational programs and outreach initiatives for students and aspiring artists.

Our Commitment to CSC

A Quest Actors Studio is dedicated to supporting the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company and its vision. We actively collaborate with CSC to bring the magic of Shakespeare's plays to life, ensuring that the performing arts continue to thrive and resonate with audiences of all ages.

Our studio provides advanced acting classes, coaching, and workshops, equipping aspiring actors with the necessary skills and techniques to excel in their craft. By working closely with CSC, we are able to contribute to the development of local talent and foster a vibrant performing arts community.

Get Involved

If you share our passion for the performing arts and want to support the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, there are several ways to get involved:

  1. Attend CSC's annual "Free Shakespeare on the Common" performances and spread the word.
  2. Make a donation to CSC to help fund their productions and educational initiatives.
  3. Volunteer your time and skills to assist with events and behind-the-scenes activities.
  4. Become a member of CSC to receive exclusive benefits and access to special events.
  5. Support local businesses that contribute to CSC's mission, such as A Quest Actors Studio.

Join Us in Celebrating Shakespeare

A Quest Actors Studio invites you to join us in celebrating William Shakespeare and supporting the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. Together, we can ensure that his works continue to inspire and enrich the lives of countless individuals.

For more information about Commonwealth Shakespeare Company and how you can support their mission, please visit For updates on upcoming performances, acting classes, and events at A Quest Actors Studio, visit our website at

Martins Kepe
Great initiative! Proud to support the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. Keep up the amazing work!
Nov 11, 2023