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Sep 8, 2022


Welcome to the page of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, an esteemed orchestra that graces the stages of the Celebrity Series of Boston. As one of the most prominent names in the world of performing arts, the Los Angeles Philharmonic continues to captivate audiences with their exceptional talent, unparalleled performances, and artistic excellence.

Achievements and History

Since its establishment in 1919, the Los Angeles Philharmonic has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of classical music. Over the decades, they have achieved numerous milestones and garnered international acclaim. Their dedication to musical innovation and commitment to artistic growth has earned them a prominent place among the world's leading orchestras.

The orchestra has been recognized with several Grammy Awards, including Best Orchestral Performance and Best Classical Composition. Collaborations with renowned conductors, composers, and soloists have pushed the boundaries of symphonic music, offering audiences an enriching and transformative experience.


The Los Angeles Philharmonic's repertoire is vast and diverse, encompassing a wide range of classical masterpieces, contemporary compositions, and bold explorations of new musical frontiers. From the timeless works of Beethoven and Mozart to groundbreaking pieces from modern composers, their performances offer a captivating journey through the history of music.

Concert Schedule

Experience the magic of the Los Angeles Philharmonic by attending one of their captivating live performances at the Celebrity Series of Boston. Check out their concert schedule to stay updated on upcoming events, special performances, and collaborations with renowned artists from around the world. With a diverse range of programs throughout the year, there's always something to suit every musical taste.

Whether it's an enchanting evening of symphonies or an awe-inspiring showcase of contemporary compositions, the Los Angeles Philharmonic never ceases to mesmerize audiences with their impeccable artistry.

Meet the Musicians and Conductors

Behind the captivating melodies of the Los Angeles Philharmonic are the talented musicians who bring them to life. Each member of the orchestra is a maestro in their own right, contributing their exceptional skills and passion to create harmonious performances. Discover the faces and stories of these remarkable musicians, whose dedication and artistry form the backbone of the orchestra's success.

Leading the Los Angeles Philharmonic is a roster of world-renowned conductors, each contributing their unique interpretation and vision to the orchestra's performances. These conductors embody the spirit of musical excellence, guiding the musicians with precision and flair, and creating unforgettable moments on stage.

Artistic Excellence

The Los Angeles Philharmonic's commitment to artistic excellence is evident in every note they play and every performance they deliver. Through their meticulous attention to detail, flawless execution, and deep understanding of the music, they transport audiences to new realms of emotion and beauty.

With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of classical music, the Los Angeles Philharmonic continues to elevate the art form, captivating audiences and inspiring future generations of musicians.

About the Celebrity Series of Boston

The Celebrity Series of Boston is a distinguished platform that brings world-class performing arts to the heart of Boston. Collaborating with top international artists and organizations, the Celebrity Series of Boston offers a diverse range of captivating events, including performances by renowned orchestras like the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

With a rich history spanning over eight decades, the Celebrity Series of Boston has remained committed to enriching the cultural landscape of the city, bringing joy and inspiration to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Plan your visit to the Celebrity Series of Boston to witness the brilliance of the Los Angeles Philharmonic live, immerse yourself in the transformative power of music, and embark on an unforgettable cultural journey.

Allison Allen
Impressive talent and exceptional performances by Los Angeles Philharmonic!
Oct 12, 2023