Who's Who: Fun Home Cast

Oct 29, 2022

Meet the Incredible Cast of Fun Home

Welcome to A Quest Actors Studio's production of Fun Home, where a group of exceptional performers brings this moving musical to life. Get to know the talented individuals who make up the cast and explore the unforgettable characters they portray.

1. Alison Bechdel - Played by Jane Adams

Jane Adams masterfully embodies the complex character of Alison Bechdel, the central figure in Fun Home. With her exceptional acting skills, Jane brings Alison's journey of self-discovery, love, and heartache to the stage. Don't miss her breathtaking performance!

2. Bruce Bechdel - Played by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson delivers a powerful portrayal of Bruce Bechdel, Alison's enigmatic father. Through his nuanced performance, Mark highlights the inner conflicts and contradictions of this character, creating a captivating and thought-provoking experience for the audience.

3. Helen Bechdel - Played by Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson's incredible talent shines as she embodies the role of Helen Bechdel, Alison's devoted mother. Sarah's expressive acting brings depth and authenticity to Helen's journey, showcasing the complexities of her relationships and the resilience she showcases throughout the story.

4. Medium Alison - Played by Emily Clark

Emily Clark delivers a remarkable performance as Medium Alison, Alison's college-aged self. Through her stage presence and incredible vocal abilities, Emily captures Medium Alison's coming-of-age journey, exploring her sexual awakening and the ups and downs she encounters along the way.

5. Small Alison - Played by Lily Roberts

Lily Roberts portrays the young and vibrant Small Alison with incredible talent and charm. Her exceptional acting and singing skills bring out the innocence and curiosity of the character, creating a heartwarming connection with the audience.

6. Joan - Played by Jessica Anderson

Don't miss Jessica Anderson's outstanding performance as Joan, Alison's love interest. Jessica's captivating stage presence and chemistry with the other actors bring depth and authenticity to the complex dynamics of Alison's relationship with Joan.

Experience the Magic of Fun Home

Fun Home, an award-winning musical, offers a unique theatrical experience that delves into themes of family, identity, and self-discovery. A Quest Actors Studio's production takes this extraordinary story and brings it to life with an exceptional cast.

Immerse yourself in the compelling narrative brought to the stage by director Michael Roberts. Combined with the talented performances of the cast, the audience is taken on a powerful journey through the joys, struggles, and ultimate understanding of the characters.

Why Choose A Quest Actors Studio?

A Quest Actors Studio is renowned for its commitment to excellence in the performing arts. As an established and highly respected institution within the arts and entertainment industry, we strive to create exceptional and thought-provoking productions that leave a lasting impact on our audiences.

Our talented ensemble of actors, under the expert guidance of our experienced creative team, consistently delivers outstanding performances that showcase their versatility and dedication to their craft. We believe in pushing boundaries and bringing stories to life in new and exciting ways, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Get Your Tickets Now and Join the Journey

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Lavina Fernandez
I'm so impressed by the talented cast of Fun Home! Each performer truly brings their character to life. Can't wait to see this moving musical.
Oct 9, 2023