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Nov 7, 2023


Welcome to the extraordinary world of music, video, performing arts, and DJs at! Get ready to embark on a sonic journey unlike any other. At, we are proud to showcase the captivating and diverse collection of talents found within the realm of Planet X Records.

The Essence of Planet X Records

Planet X Records, the heart and soul of, is a label dedicated to promoting exceptional music, mesmerizing performances, and talented DJs. Our mission is to provide a platform that nurtures creativity, fosters talent, and allows artists to share their unique expressions with the world.

Unleashing the Power of Music & Video

At, we understand the importance of music and video in enriching our lives. Our extensive collection spans various genres, ensuring there's something for every taste. Whether you're a passionate fan seeking new releases or an aspiring artist searching for inspiration, Planet X Records delivers an unparalleled experience.

Discover Your Favorite Genres

From rock to jazz, hip-hop to classical, electronic to indie, Planet X Records has it all. Our catalog features a rich assortment of albums that will captivate your senses and elevate your musical journey. Dive into the compelling melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and innovative beats that resonate with your soul.

Immerse Yourself in Visual Delights

Music videos have the power to bring songs to life, adding another layer of imagination and emotion. At, we offer a vibrant selection of music videos, each carefully crafted to enhance your auditory experience. Prepare to be enthralled by stunning visuals, creative storytelling, and awe-inspiring performances.

Performing Arts that Transcend Boundaries

Planet X Records not only embraces music and video but also celebrates the world of performing arts. We believe in the transformative power of live performances, where artists have the opportunity to connect directly with their audience, creating powerful and memorable experiences.

Theatrical Brilliance

Be prepared to witness breathtaking theatrical productions that transport you to different dimensions. From mesmerizing plays to mind-bending performances, our collection of performing arts showcases the immense talent and artistry that truly push boundaries and challenge conventions.

Dance as an Art Form

Dance is a universal language that enables artists to express their emotions and stories through movement. Our platform offers a curated collection of performances from contemporary dance to more traditional styles. Get ready to be mesmerized by enchanting choreography and awe-inspiring talent.

Enigmatic World of DJs

The art of DJing has the power to unite people and ignite an electric atmosphere. Planet X Records recognizes the immense talent that DJs possess and aims to showcase their creativity through carefully curated mixes that transcend genres and transport listeners to a different realm.

Elevate Your Musical Experience

Our talented roster of DJs curates captivating mixes that seamlessly blend tracks, taking you on a sonic adventure you'll never forget. Explore the expansive sounds of electronic music, techno, house, and more, expertly mixed to enhance your mood and immerse you in a world of rhythm and beats.

Conclusion and Planet X Records are your gateway to an extraordinary world of music, video, performing arts, and DJs. Immerse yourself in our vibrant collection, discover new artists, and experience the power of creativity firsthand. Explore our website now and let Planet X Records captivate your senses and ignite your imagination.

Daniel Konskier
This website is a treasure trove of amazing music!
Nov 9, 2023