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Oct 21, 2021

About Parsons - A Quest Actors Studio

Parsons is a distinguished art portfolio online and summer intensive program offered by A Quest Actors Studio, a leading institution in the field of arts and entertainment - performing arts. We are dedicated to providing aspiring artists with the highest quality education and training, empowering them to unleash their creative potential and achieve their artistic goals.

The Premier Art Portfolio Online Program

Our art portfolio online program is designed to help students develop and perfect their artistic skills, enhance their portfolio, and prepare for successful art school admissions. With a focus on visual arts, our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art, and more. Our experienced faculty, consisting of accomplished professionals and renowned artists, provide personalized guidance and support to foster artistic growth.

The Intensive Summer Program

In addition to our online program, Parsons offers a highly immersive summer intensive experience. This program allows students to fully immerse themselves in the world of performing arts, exploring various disciplines such as acting, dance, theater, and music. Through intensive practical training, workshops, and collaborative projects, students develop their skills, gain valuable industry insights, and build their professional network.

Comprehensive Curriculum

At Parsons, we believe in a well-rounded education that nurtures creativity and fosters artistic development. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures that students acquire a strong foundation in both technical skills and artistic expression. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, students gain a deep understanding of the art form, enabling them to create meaningful and impactful work.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Drawing and sketching techniques
  • Color theory and composition
  • Perspective and spatial awareness
  • Mixed media and experimental art
  • Art history and contemporary art
  • Portfolio development and presentation

Renowned Faculty

At Parsons, we are proud to have a faculty of esteemed artists and industry professionals who are passionate about mentoring the next generation of talent. Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, offering valuable insights, individualized feedback, and expert guidance. With their support, students can refine their skills, explore new techniques, and develop their unique artistic voice.

Exciting Opportunities for Artists

Joining Parsons opens doors to numerous exciting opportunities in the world of arts and entertainment. Our extensive network of industry connections allows students to engage with professionals, attend guest lectures, and participate in collaborative projects. We encourage students to showcase their work in exhibitions, competitions, and other public platforms to gain recognition and exposure.

Enroll in Parsons Today

If you are passionate about the arts and seeking a transformative learning experience, join Parsons - A Quest Actors Studio today. Our art portfolio online program and summer intensive offer a unique opportunity to refine your artistic skills, expand your creative horizons, and embark on a rewarding artistic journey. Experience the difference at Parsons and unlock your full artistic potential.