Welcome to Boch Center Wang Theatre

Sep 16, 2019

Experience Unforgettable Performances in the Heart of Boston

About Boch Center Wang Theatre

Boch Center Wang Theatre, proudly presented by A Quest Actors Studio, is a world-class performing arts venue located in the vibrant city of Boston. With its rich history, architectural brilliance, and an extensive lineup of captivating performances, the theatre attracts audiences from near and far.

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Built in 1925, Boch Center Wang Theatre has been a cultural icon in Boston for over 95 years. Formerly known as the Metropolitan Theatre and the Music Hall, it was renamed Wang Theatre in 1983 in honor of its principal benefactors, Dr. An Wang and his wife Lorraine. The theatre was lovingly restored in 1980 and underwent further renovations in 2013 to enhance the audience's experience while preserving its historic charm.

A Stage for World-Class Performances

Boch Center Wang Theatre hosts a diverse range of performances, including Broadway shows, musicals, ballets, operas, concerts, and more. Its 3,500 seating capacity ensures that you can witness the magic of live performances in a grand and intimate setting. The state-of-the-art sound system and impeccable acoustics create an immersive experience, making every show truly unforgettable.

Engage in the Arts & Entertainment Scene

Immerse yourself in the bustling arts and entertainment scene of Boston by attending a show at Boch Center Wang Theatre. From world-renowned theater productions to critically acclaimed musical acts, the theatre offers something for everyone. Step into a world of theatrical brilliance and be transported to magical realms, witness powerful performances, and connect with the artists who bring these stories to life.

Access and Amenities

Boch Center Wang Theatre is conveniently located in the heart of Boston, with easy accessibility via public transportation and ample parking options nearby. The venue also offers various amenities such as comfortable seating, accessible facilities, concessions, and friendly staff to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable visit for all attendees.

Supporting the Arts and Educational Initiatives

A Quest Actors Studio, the driving force behind Boch Center Wang Theatre, is committed to supporting the arts and educational initiatives in the community. Through collaborations with local schools, outreach programs, and scholarships, they strive to inspire and nurture the next generation of performers and artists.

Plan Your Visit

Make the most of your visit to Boch Center Wang Theatre by planning ahead. Explore the upcoming show schedule, book tickets in advance, and discover nearby attractions, dining options, and accommodations to enhance your experience in Boston. Whether you are a passionate theater enthusiast or looking for a memorable night out, Boch Center Wang Theatre promises an extraordinary journey into the world of performing arts.

Contact Us

For inquiries, ticket bookings, or any further information, please contact A Quest Actors Studio or visit our website. We look forward to welcoming you to Boch Center Wang Theatre and creating everlasting memories together.

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