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Nov 16, 2023


Welcome to, your trusted partner in acquiring an EU residence permit. As a leading provider of professional services and legal expertise, we are dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses navigate the complexities of obtaining a residence permit within the EU. Our comprehensive range of services ensures a smooth and hassle-free process, enabling you to secure your EU residence permit efficiently and effectively.

The Importance of an EU Residence Permit

An EU residence permit opens a world of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. It provides the freedom to reside, work, study, or establish a business within the European Union. Whether you are seeking new career prospects, higher education, or a better quality of life, having an EU residence permit unlocks countless benefits.

Access to Professional Services

Real Documents Available understands the significance of having an expert team by your side throughout the application process. Our experienced professionals specialize in EU immigration and legal services. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of local regulations and procedures to provide personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Extensive Legal Expertise

Our team of skilled attorneys is well-versed in EU laws and regulations governing residence permits. We stay up to date with the latest developments in immigration policies to offer you accurate guidance and ensure compliance with all requirements. With Real Documents Available, you can be confident in the legal expertise backing your application.

The Process of Obtaining an EU Residence Permit

Real Documents Available simplifies the complex process of obtaining an EU residence permit. Through our streamlined approach, we guide you through each step, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Evaluation and Eligibility

Our team conducts a thorough evaluation to determine your eligibility for an EU residence permit. We take into account your individual circumstances, such as the purpose of your stay, employment status, and family situation. This enables us to advise you on the most suitable permit category and requirements that align with your goals.

Document Preparation

Real Documents Available takes care of the meticulous preparation of all necessary documents on your behalf. We understand the importance of accuracy and ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly to maximize the chances of a successful application. Our attention to detail sets us apart, ensuring a hassle-free process for you.

Application Submission

Once all documents are in order, Real Documents Available submits your application to the relevant authorities. Our close working relationships with immigration offices enable us to navigate the bureaucracy efficiently. We monitor the progress of your application and address any queries or additional requirements promptly and professionally.

Assistance with Interviews and Language Proficiency Tests

Depending on the specific requirements of your chosen EU country, interviews and language proficiency tests may be necessary. Real Documents Available provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout these processes. We prepare you for interviews, offering advice on potential questions and ensuring you are fully confident and well-prepared. Additionally, we equip you with the tools to successfully meet language proficiency standards, ensuring your application is strong and compelling.

Why Choose Real Documents Available?

1. Extensive Experience

Real Documents Available has a proven track record of assisting clients in obtaining EU residence permits. With years of experience, we have developed unrivaled expertise, enabling us to handle even the most complex cases with remarkable success.

2. Tailored Solutions

We recognize that each individual's circumstances are unique. At Real Documents Available, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Our comprehensive range of solutions ensures that you receive personalized assistance every step of the way.

3. Transparent and Fair Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing, and our fee structure reflects our commitment to fairness. Real Documents Available provides you with a detailed breakdown of costs from the start, so you know exactly what to expect throughout the process.

4. Dedicated Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Real Documents Available offers dedicated customer support to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is readily available to provide guidance and updates, ensuring a seamless experience.


Real Documents Available is the leading provider of professional and legal services for obtaining an EU residence permit. With our extensive experience, comprehensive solutions, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner throughout the application process. Unlock new possibilities with an EU residence permit and let Real Documents Available make your dream of living, working, studying, or establishing a business in Europe a reality.

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